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IRON EDGE VC was created as a vehicle for members to efficiently invest in pre-IPO companies.

Historically, a growing company would conduct an IPO after a five-to-seven year period, granting ordinary investors ownership of shares with the potential to delivery tremendous returns. Under today’s market conditions, this scenario occurs with much less frequency. These companies have not disappeared, but now a much greater portion of their growth happens while the company is privately held, leaving a lot less opportunity for significant gains within the public markets.

This delay in the offering of public shares has created issues for company insiders and investors alike. Private shareholders want liquidity, while a significant number of potential investors wish for access to leading-edge and innovative enterprises. These circumstances have given birth to a new market for private shares, and IRON EDGE VC is at the forefront of that market.

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Paul Maguire

Founder And Managing Partner

Paul began his career at the New York Stock Exchange in 1990. His more than thirty years’ experience in the financial investment industry includes working as a trader and Registered Competitive Market Maker for Raymond C. Forbes & Co., Inc., and holding the position of Managing Director at New York Stock Exchange Specialist firms Henderson Brothers, Inc. and LaBranche & Co., LLC. At these companies, Paul’s responsibilities primarily entailed matching institutional buyers and sellers as well as providing bids and offers to comprehensively resolve all public trading needs. At both Specialist firms, Paul was entrusted with the crucial leadership roles of training large support staff and creating innovative new processes to optimize trading proficiency. ‍ Shortly after departing the NYSE, Paul focused on private equity trading. After identifying operational deficiencies and disadvantageous pricing within the pre-IPO industry, Paul founded Iron Edge VC as a means of addressing those issues and placing client interests ahead of all other priorities. In the years that followed, under Paul’s leadership, Iron Edge VC evolved to include earlier-stage venture capital funding alongside its established late-stage pre-IPO activities.


Keith Simons

Director Of Business Development

Keith has over 30 years’ experience in Financial Trading. His career started in 1989 at the New York Mercantile Exchange, working for MBF Clearing Corporation, the largest energy clearing company on the NYMEX. There, Keith established the client trading desk for MBF, trading all futures including grains, precious metals, bonds, energies and more. It was during this time that Keith honed his skills in technical and fundamental analysis of markets. ‍ Having reached his goal to become a floor trader, Keith spent more than the next twenty years at the NYMEX as an energy and metals trader, mostly in the Natural Gas futures trading ring. Keith’s involvement in the IPO and secondary equity syndicate markets for over twenty years has given him a perspective that lends itself to continued growth, specifically in pre-IPO opportunities. ‍ Having been introduced to Iron Edge VC as a client who had successful pre-IPO investments, Keith benefits from the dual perspectives of customer and trading and service professional. Keith earned his degree from the University of Connecticut School of Business.


Louise Jones

Director Of Business Development

Louise began her career on the NYSE in 1981. Her more than 30 years of increasing levels of excellence and leading transformational change in the financial marketplace has led her to an obvious choice in joining the team at Iron Edge. ‍ Being the youngest woman to become a member of the NYSE, serving on various committees and building one of the largest independent floor brokerage firms there, has given her a very unique and varied skill set. Her ability to nurture relationships while providing solution based services is unparalleled. Spearheading the implementation of hand-held technology on the NYSE is only one example. Spending 3 years on the credit side of the business working for a senior secured lender in Chicago proved to be an invaluable glimpse into the world of credit, rounding off her knowledge of the financial markets. ‍ Additionally, Louise proudly serves as an advisor and contributor to The Felix Organization, providing support and education to the children in foster care that do not get adopted; a cause that is near and dear to her.

Ahachem Headshot

Ayad Hachem

Director Of Middle East Operations

A dedicated professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the financial industry, Ayad Hachem is uniquely qualified to oversee our business in the Middle East as head of Iron Edge’s Dubai Office. Working in the Financial Centers of the United States and Europe has developed Ayad’s advanced expertise in catering to a global clientele. Ayad has covered the Middle East Region for more than fifteen years while working with the most renowned banks around the globe, including Track Data equity trading in New York, HSBC in Luxembourg, and the Beirut locations of Indosuez Wealth Management, Julius Baer Bank, and Merrill Lynch. Ayad earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston, his MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, as well as certification from the Wealth Management Institute in Singapore.


John W. Nick

Director, Southeastern U.S. Operations

Jack's career in equities began in 1979, when he trained with Paine Webber and eventually became a member of the New York Futures Exchange, developing and implementing creative trading strategies. Then, in 1982, Jack transitioned to the New York Stock Exchange, where he acted as a Specialist for Dresdner Bank. He eventually advanced to Dresdner's top position at the NYSE as Director of the firm's floor operations. After Dresdner, he served as Managing Partner for MND & ZZ Securities, creating direct access to the NYSE Floor. After that, Jack took his talents to Albert Fried and Company, where he created and implemented an off-exchange floor commission business and achieved profit targets with an innovative sales and marketing platform. Iron Edge VC is greatly privileged to benefit from Jack's prolific expertise in securities trading.

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Slack (WORK), Purchase: $14.00 IPO: $26.00 Release: $38.50 %6 Change: 175.00% Value
Spotify (SPOT), Purchase: $82.00 IPO: $132.00 Release: $165.90 % Change: 102.32% Value
Lyft (LYFT), Purchase: $16.00 IPO: $72.00 Release: $87.33 %6 Change: 445.81% Value
Pinterest (PINS), Purchase: $7.00 IPO: $19.00 Release: $23.75 % Change: 239.29% Value
Palantir (PLTR), Purchase: $5.00 IPO: $7.25 Release: $25.17 % Change: 403.40% Value
AirBnB (ABNB), Purchase: $55.00 IPO: $68.00 Release: $146.00 % Change: 165.45% Value
SoFi Technologies (SOFI), Purchase: $4.88 IPO: $12.20 Release: $20.89 96 Change: 328.07% Value
Amplitude (AMPL), Purchase: $37.00 IPO: $35.00 Release: $50.00 % Change: 35.13% Value
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